Evie is a graphic designer and sign painter currently pursuing creative opportunities in the from of internships, junior design roles and freelance projects.


For the past few years I’ve been busy. I moved to Canada, worked on a chicken farm, freelanced as a graphic designer, painted signs for local businesses, worked as a line cook in a busy cafe, learnt about sustainable living and picked an insane amount of raspberries. I’ve had a range of eclectic experiences to say the least, and I’ve really grown into my own over this time. I’m now confident in my ability to creatively solve problems.

Now I’m back in the UK and I’m ready to take on the challenge of being a top class graphic designer. I’m driven to pursue my creative career, work hard, learn from others in the industry and make a difference through good design.


With that I’ll bring a wealth of knowledge from a range of areas, an innate talent in coming up with clever concepts, a willingness to learn and grow my skills and an approachable and fun energy. I have a love for all things type and layout, a talent in coming up with strong concepts and a keen interest in motion and film.

I’m looking for creative opportunities in Manchester. Be it internships, freelance projects or full time positions, I’m open to it all. I would also be open to relocating for the right role.